Nelson A. Locke, Esq.  (800) 656-4584 
Mortgage Law - State and Federal Compliance Expert - EXPERT WITNESS with Deposition and Trial Experience
Mortgage Broker and Lender Audit Preparation and Defense      MMJ Attorney and Consultant     
Admitted - Federal and California Bar
(800) 656-4584

Mortgage Law Compliance, Audit Preparation and Defense - Nationwide

HUD and FHA Audit Preparation and Defense - Nationwide 

Reverse Mortgage Industry Expert - Nationwide

SEC and Sarbannes Oxley Consultant - former CEO of public company

Federal Tort Claims Act Consultant - Negligent Government Conduct 

Federal Firearms Act Consultant - Licensing and NFA Trusts

Medical Marijuana Collective Formation and Administration

NMLS and SAFE ACT Licensed – Florida and Texas

CBX and FYLSE Test Taking Tutor

Initial Consultations are FREE to You


Nelson A. Locke, Esq.

Office (800) 656-4584

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