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Mortgage Law - State and Federal Compliance Expert
Audit Preparation and Defense      MMJ Attorney and Consultant     
Admitted to the Federal and California Bar
Test Taking strategist and tutor
Study law with a licensed Attorney who has developed essay and MCQ techniques that will push your scores over the bar!

While attending Concord Law Mr. Locke developed as an on-line learning portal for Law Students.

He has combined learning materials with plain English explanations to make the experience entertaining and productive.

When he passed the FYLSE, he scored a 631 and his multiple choice performance is frequently above 80%.

He then began to research successful CBX Essay and PT Tactics and used them to pass the California Bar in July 2013.

He can help you achieve those types of results. Listen here for some tips about how he successfully passed these two most difficult tests.

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Nelson A. Locke, Esq.

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